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CATAPULT goes beyond omni-channel and it’s more than unified commerce. Unified Transaction Logic™ is the soul of our seamless system. It connects all critical areas of retail operation in real time: inventory & supply chain, reporting & analytics, loyalty & marketing, pos, and payments all work in unison.

Checkout lanes, self-checkout terminals, deli scales, pharmacy, fuel, web orders, and even smartphone apps all work as one. CATAPULT cuts costs and eliminates the points of failure commonly found on piecemeal-built systems. Say goodbye to silos and hello to the future.

Unified Transaction Logic

Unified Transaction Logic is a solution to the problem of piecemeal-built, siloed-commerce platforms. Silos are complex and expensive. Many companies feel trapped in these configurations, relying on a multitude of third party vendors who will shift blame and avoid responsibility at the first sign of technical trouble. Worst of all, change to one silo creates domino effects onto others, causing systemic friction, making the enterprise less agile, which means less adaptable to emerging opportunities.

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Unified Transaction Logic breaks through the dysfunction, allowing the same transaction logic to be shared throughout the enterprise, no matter how complex, where, how, and when customers want to transact. And, it can be done through one single, reliable technology partner.

Feature Set

Point of Sale

ECRS Point of Sale

Elevate and streamline your point of sale operations by digitizing your check out. Increase the productivity, speed, and quality of the checkout experience for your customers and your associates with CATAPULT’s unified commerce platform.

  • Unified Transaction Logic Across Retail Touchpoints
  • Friction-Free Operations
  • Seamless, Real-Time Data
  • RegisterGuard™ Protection
  • Automatic Software Updates and Delivery via Stream™
  • Industry-Certified

Payments & Security

EMV payment terminal

No matter how your customers choose to pay for purchases, ECRS empowers merchants by providing fast, secure, direct connections to major electronic payment processing companies. When you partner with ECRS, lightening-fast resolution times and lower transaction rates are within reach.

  • P2P Encryption and EMV Ready
  • NFC Capable
  • PCI-QIR Certified Technicians
  • Offline Payment Processing
  • Secure OneTouch™ Biometric Payments
  • PA-DSS Compliant

Onboarding & Support

ECRS Grocery Support

With ECRS, your retail management system purchase is not simply a transaction, it is the beginning of a technology partnership. ECRS is accessible, dedicated, and committed to your continued success. Our award-winning U.S.-Based support technicians are always available to service your hardware and software needs.

  • World-Class Expertise
  • Emergency 24/7 Support
  • Complete Transparency
  • Service-Focused Experts
  • Product-Specific Training
  • Comprehensive Support Portal

Inventory & Supply Chain

ecrs supply chain software

Bi-directional data communication between your enterprise and any supplier removes wasted labor or the need for costly third-party services. With ECRS’ powerful Gateway™, suppliers are directly linked to CATAPULT. Retailers can efficiently manage, track, replenish, and analyze inventory on the sales floor or in the back office–all from one platform.

  • Perpetual Inventory Automation
  • DemandFill® 2.0
  • Simplified Purchase Orders
  • Smarter Stock Management
  • Limitless Pricing Functionality
  • Mobile Inventory with CATAPULT HHT

Reporting & Analytics

Grocery POS Reporting

To make critical decisions that affect the bottom line in your favor, your business needs actionable intelligence. The reporting and analytical tools found in CATAPULT will optimize your decision-making process so you can be certain about the roads your enterprise chooses to travel on the journey to success.

  • 300+ Reports
  • Customizable Analytics Dashboard
  • Comparative Drill Down Capability
  • Real-Time Data Intelligence
  • Decision Support through Briefcase-OLAP
  • Faster Data Delivery

Back Office Management

Grocery POS Back Office

Running an efficient, profit-propelling enterprise requires a store manager who can perform a careful balancing act. Maximizing back office efficiency means doing more with less while maintaining quality and service. With CATAPULT’s powerful Web Office database and management tools, striking that balance is easier than ever before.

  • Easy Accessibility
  • Intuitive Web Office Interface
  • Customizable Dash Reporting Graphics
  • Dynamic Decision-Making with Briefcase-OLAP
  • Optimized Ordering
  • Employee Tracking

Loyalty & Marketing

Grocery Loyalty

Keep your customers committed to your company by automating loyalty membership management. CATAPULT’s reliable and revolutionary marketing and loyalty platform requires no additional third-parties to offer a full-spectrum solution. From one commerce platform, a retailer can increase the size and lifetime value of their customer base, calibrate marketing campaigns, manage self-hosted gift card programs, and access membership data.

  • Customer Rewards through LoyaltyBot
  • Automated Marketing Campaigns
  • Self-Hosted Gift Cards
  • Hassle-Free E-Coupons
  • CATAPULT Membership Server
  • Flexible Service Terms

Click & Collect 2.0

Catapult POS System

CATAPULT WebCart is a revolutionary click-and-collect solution that empowers brick and mortar stores to step seamlessly into the digital realm. No matter where your shoppers are or how they wish to communicate their needs, CATAPULT’s single platform solution can accommodate the sale and provide up-to-date data in real time.

  • Transactional Order Picking
  • Real-Time Inventory Sync
  • BasketHub Promotion Notifications
  • PickAssist Order Processing
  • Customizable Online Branding
  • SMS Text Alerts for Customer Pickup

Enterprise Management

Grocery Inventory

Whether your retail chain has three stores or 300 stores, CATAPULT will help you reduce labor overhead and operational complexity. CATAPULT’s enterprise management tools will optimize your inventory, synchronizing processes in the demand-fulfillment infrastructure, and streamlining tasks across your enterprise.

  • Multi-Store Demand Fulfilment (MDF)
  • Bi-directional Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Shipment Alerts and Inventory Tracking
  • Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
  • Auto-Generated Bin/Shelf Picking
  • Optimized Order Processing

Hardware Options

Every retailer faces unique challenges. ECRS equips our partners with appropriate hardware solutions to meet and overcome operational obstacles. We have hardware options for every retail touchpoint.

  • POS Terminals
  • Self-Checkout Units
  • Other Omnichannel Touchpoints
  • Scanner/Scales, Payment Terminals, & Receipt Printers
  • Digital® Servers
  • Label Printers, Handheld Terminals, & Cash Counters
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