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Retail Data Systems is the premier provider of Point of Sale (POS) Systems and Cash Registers for Table Service, Bar, and Fine Dining Restaurants. RDS sells, services and supports a complete line of POS and related products including: Back Office POS Software, Kitchen Production Systems, Inventory and Labor Management, Reporting and Analytics, Gift Cards, Marketing Services, Online Ordering, Security Services, Digital Signage, Loyalty Programs, and PCI Solutions. Our Payment Division also provides competitive credit card processing rates for our customers.

Unique to Retail Data Systems is the ability to provide our customer a one call support solution for all of their store technology needs.

Restaurant POS System Solutions

Brink POS System for Restaurants

Brink Cloud Point of Sale Solution

With Brink POS software, your brand will be prepared to quickly implement the latest technology your customers expect. The Cloud is not just a technology platform, but part of an overall evolution in culture and lifestyle for consumers you can adapt into your POS system.

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Aloha POS for Restaurants

NCR Aloha Table Service POS Solution

Aloha POS is the industry’s leading restaurant POS solution that enables you to automate restaurant operations, measure performance, manage to better results and market to customers. Experience immediately the operational efficiencies and increased profits that an Aloha restaurant point of sale system gives you.

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Heartland Restaurant POS

Heartland Restaurant POS Solution

Heartland Restaurant POS is a powerful, cloud-based Point of Sale System that keeps restaurant operations humming and customers raving. It is an all-in-one platform that integrates with self order kiosks, mobile ordering, a guest application, gift cards and loyalty programs. Designed for fine, casual, and quick service restaurants, the platform streamlines operations - front to back - to make it easier for restaurant owners to manage and grow their business.

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Par Pixelpoint Point of Sale

Par Pixelpoint Table Service POS Solution

Whether you’re operating a fine dining restaurant, a quick service chain or even a high volume bar, expect to increase your performance with PixelPoint POS software. Expect to enhance your performance and bottom line with a host of industry-leading capabilities, from menu screen customization to perpetual inventory management to comprehensive reporting.

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Maitre'D Point of Sale

Maitre'D Table Service POS Solution

When success depends on superior service, you need flexible POS software and Back-Office solutions for managing every aspect of your restaurant business. From the store level to corporate head office, Maitre’D’s software gives you the control you need to increase speed, efficiency – and profits.

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Digital Dining Point of Sale

Digital Dining Table Service POS Solution

Taking care of business with DIGITAL DINING's Table Service POS will have you operating at peak efficiency, turning tables faster and encouraging your customers to come back again and again. Security is at your fingertips with Fingerprint ID. Accommodate customer needs quickly with features like one-touch split check and split item, and keep them coming back for more with Frequent Diner rewards and smart coupons. And that's just the start.

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Casio Restaurant POS Solution

Casio Restaurant POS Solution

Casio’s optional Cloud service on the V-R7000 and V-R200 provides retailers with quick, easy and up to date information on their business sales activities. Access to the Cloud sales activity is available through PC’s, mobile devices or even through the V-R’s browser. Sales activity can be viewed using the Casio CVPos dashboard, spreadsheet format, graphs, saved as PDF’s or in CSV format.

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Oracle Micros Restaurant POS Solution

Oracle MICROS delivers all-in-one solutions that combine sturdy, smart, and stylish hardware with powerful software that intelligently connects information shared across the restaurant supply chain, staff, customers, and third-party applications.

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Retail Data Systems is the largest provider of Point Of Sale Hardware and Software, in North America. Founded in 1950, RDS now operates over 30 offices serving customers across the nation providing complete Point Of Sale technology. Our team of over 500 professionals assure our customers of the best 24/7/365 service available. Our list of industry leading POS hardware and software products provide a variety of solutions for companies large and small.

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