Brink POS

Brink POS - Cloud Point of Sale for Restaurants

Brink POS System for Restaurant

Brink is a Cloud-Hybrid POS Solution built around the evolving needs of growing brands and provides the perfect solution for the multi-unit operators and franchises.

With Brink POS software, your brand will be prepared to quickly implement the latest technology your customers expect. The Cloud is not just a technology platform, but part of an overall evolution in culture and lifestyle for consumers you can adapt into your POS system.

  • As a cloud-hybrid POS software solution, Brink does not require a back office server, and all your data is safe, secure, and accessible in the cloud.
  • The platform is designed not only to scale and grow your business, but to manage your operations as easily with 1 store as with 1,000.
  • Adopting the PAR SaaS, or Software as a Service model, Brink POS is provided as a monthly subscription, and will proudly earn your business every month.
  • There are no upfront licensing fees, and upgrades are included and performed automatically.
  • Best of all, this gets you out of the IT business and lets you focus on the customer experience in your restaurant.

What happens if your internet goes down? Don't worry, that’s the “Hybrid” part. Brink POS will continue to operate in "offline" mode and then automatically synchronize all data and transactions when the connection is restored.

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Brink POS Features

Brink Cloud POS

Cloud Solution

Data is safe, secure and accessible in the cloud. Brink POS will continue to operate in “offline” mode when internet connection is lost. The core infrastructure if provided for you including Server Hosting, Backup, Antivirus, Compliance and Updates. No worries and No chasing IT issues.

Brink Mobile POS

Built-in Online & Mobile Ordering

Off-premise dining is the fastest growing source of restaurant revenue. Don’t miss out! Brink’s Online and Mobile Ordering Module connects you instantly with the valuable revenue stream. When you are powering take-out, delivery or simply order ahead, Brink POS has you covered sharing the same digital menu as your in-store POS. Fast and easy!

Brink POS Labor

Labor Management

Labor Cost Reporting for real time access to labor cost and labor v. sales percentage. This is one of the most valuable reports in Brink and you can see the stats in real-time right from your smartphone.

Brink POS Reporting

Enterprise Reporting

Data is power and Brink POS puts live data in the palm of your hand. Anywhere. Anytime. Easily manage and generate reports for one or multiple locations. Brink reporting covers all aspects of your operation including P-Mix, Labor Costs, Promotions Redemption, Loyalty Program and even Franchise Royalties.

Brink POS Integrations

Brink POS Integrations

Brink POS is Best of Breed in the Cloud-Hybrid POS space. Proof is the amount of top tier hospitality vendors that have integrated their products to Brink. Your POS becomes an information hub to seamlessly feed accounting, inventory, ordering, loyalty and scheduling apps.